Deep reinforcement learning solver for vehicle routing problem

Plan your day instantly. Optimize for top productivity. Smart technology for real world operations.


Deep Reinforcement Learning powered AI dispatcher

Amazon grade Last Mile Delivery optimization for any business at any scale

+20% Performance

Cutting edge AI dispatcher based on deep reinforcement learning with VRP solution quality 20% better than optimization solvers.

20x Speed

Solve Vehicle Routing Problems with thousands of orders and hunderds of vehicles in less than 60 seconds.

Adaptive AI Dispatcher

Take advantage of your logistics data. Learn topography of your own orders and business specific constraints.


One stack, one line of code to deploy

Deploy the Solai Solver into the environment you choose — cloud, microservices, serverless. All Solai applications are JSON-in-JSON-out binaries, which make it easy to go from development to production with one line of code. It’s just that simple.

API documentation

Meet the team

Sanjar Bakhtiyar

Founder, AI researcher

Dauren Salipov

Chief operational officer

Yerzhan Kabdush

Chief Marketing Officer

Dias Bakhtiyarov

Head of AI